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How much does the Dog Wash cost?.

$10 for 10 minutes, you can use Cash, Tap and Go or our coinless app.

What is the height restriction on the Touch Free Auto wash?.

You need to be under 2.1 M.

Do you have Car Wash Tokens for sale?

Yes ,we have two types of tokens, $18 for the Touch Free Auto Wash, $5 for use in the self serve bays and vacuums, buy 10 or more tokens and receive 2 complimentary.

What days are you open?.

We are open every day 7am till 9pm

Do you have a change machine on site?

Yes, we have the change machine located at the front of the office, you can change notes to coins or silver coins to $1 and $2 coins

What Product will give my car the ultimate show room shine?.

Pro Shine ceramic is available in the self serve bays it .Protects your exterior by reflecting harmful UV rays • Produces an ultimate showroom shine and feel • Repels water, resulting in fast drying time

What Equipment can i use my credit card to pay ?

You can use your credit card on The Touch Free Auto Wash, Self Serve Bays, Dog Wash and Vacuums.

Do you have Fragrance in your Vacuums?

Yes, one of our vacuums has the option for you to choose from New Car, Back Ice or Vanilla fragrance.

What is the maximum height in the self serve bays ?

Maximum height we can accommodate is 3.8 meters. Please note our site is not suitable for large trailers.

Do you have Treats for Dogs available?

Yes, we have 3 choices of Dog Treats. 100% Australia Beef Liver Chews, Bulls Beef Jerky and Porky Pig Chews available in the vendor located at the Dog Wash.

Does the Dog Wash have warm water?.

Yes the Dog Wash has controlled temperature water making it very comfortable for your dog all year round.

Do you have a loyalty card?

Yes, we have the coinless app. You recieve a $5 credit on download ,collect 1 point for every dollar spent , reach 50 points and recieve $5 credit.Easy mobile payments.

How do I get a receipt?

If you have our coinless app on your phone it will store all your receipts or alternatively you can email admin@tamworthcaranddogwash.com.au and we will email it to you.

Should I wash the foam brush before using it?.

Most definitely,we recommend washing the foaming brush before use to ensure you do not scratch your car with anything left in it from the previous user.

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