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How to use Little Trees Air Freshner
June 29, 2023

How to Use Little Trees

Little trees can be used in motor vehicles, in the home, andat the office but a good number of people prefer to use them in the car.

 To use Little Trees whether, in the car, office, or home,you will need to first open the packaging and slightly pull out the airfreshener; do not pull it all out at once. At the back of the package is anindicator for each week, week 1 to 7.

You can use the indicator as a guide to know the extent to which you can pull out the air freshener. For each week, pull it out 1cm till you get to the last week.

 Do not put Little Tree Air Freshener on any surface, it should be hung. Also, do not let it come in contact with the skin as it can cause skin reactions for some people. Little trees are best used and more effective when hung.  

These are available in the vendors at Tamworth Car and Dog Wash in The Change and Car Care Center and also at the Vacuums. We have Black Ice, New Car, Cotton Candy, Strawberry and vanilla Fragrances available.

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