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ProShine Ceramic Now in Self Serve Bays!
November 16, 2023

ProShine Ceramic Now in self serve bays!

For The Ultimate Showroom Shine Today Come in to Tamworth car and Dog Wash!

  • Specially formulated with a proprietary polymeric silica base, which forms a ceramic glass-like barrier, bonding fully with glass, chrome, rubber, plastic, and paint.
  • Resists dirt, bird droppings and debris making it easier to clean, every time!
  • Protects your exterior by reflecting harmful UV rays
  • Produces an ultimate showroom shine and feel
  • Second to none this Total Body Protection is the superior mirror like shine you’ve been searching for
  • Repels water like no other product on the market, resulting in fast drying time

ProShine Ceramic  was specifically formulated with a proprietary silica base. The ceramic coat bonds to the surface of the vehicle due to positive ions in the chemical which are attracted to the negative ions in the vehicle’s paint. This creates a ceramic ‘glass’ like barrier on the surface of the vehicle. Bonding to chrome, glass, rubber and plastic as well as the paint. This provides superior protection as well as a ‘mirror like shine’ to all surfaces of the vehicle. It reflects harmful UV rays as well as creating a hydrophobic layer on the vehicle which repels water. This makes drying the vehicle easier, which means that if the product is used in an automatic with a dryer, then you will see the best results you have ever seen.

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