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Why Tamworth Car and Dog Wash Stock Microfibre Towels
November 28, 2022

Microfibre Towels Are Superior to the Rest

Microfibre is extremely small, but the size of the fibre is not the only reason for its superiority. Traditional cleaning cloth fibres are cylindrical and have a tendency to push dirt and moisture around leaving the surface unclean and wet. Blended microfibre is shaped like an asterisk (*).It has the ability to pick up and lock dirt, dust and moisture into the fibres actually cleaning and drying the surface.

Microfibre is positively charged, which adds to its ability to attract dirt like a magnet (dirt is negatively charged). It is also lint free, leaving nothing behind when cleaning or drying. The fibres are so small they are able to penetrate cracks and crevices that cotton fibres are unable to clean, along with cleaning the microscopic surface pores of most materials. Due to the increased surface area of the fibres and their asterisk shape they are able to hold 7-8 times their weight in liquid, making them excellent drying towels

A microfibre towel can be washed over 500 times, compared to just 55 for a conventional towel, providing a lower lifetime cost. As well as saving costs with towel purchases, less cleaning chemicals are used to clean surfaces, which also save costs.

Key benefits of Microfibre towels:

  • Locks     In Dirty And Dust
  • Highly     Absorbent
  • Lint     Free
  • Strong     and Durable
  • Soft     For Delicate Surfaces
  • Light     Weight
  • Resistant     to shrinking and stretching
  • Wrinkle     Free
  • Quick     Drying
  • Versatile

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